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Welcome to Namegawa

Municipal tree: pine 
Municipal flower: azalea
Municipal fish: Miyako tanago
(Japanese bitterling) 
Municipal bird: pheasant


The town of Namegawa is situated near the center of Saitama Prefecture, approximately 60km from metropolitan Tokyo. The municipal area covers 29.71km2 running 4.8km from east to west and 7.2km from north to south. Rolling hills cover approximately 60% of this area. The Musashi Kyuryo National Forest Park covers a large portion of the northeast section of town. The Name River flows through the center of town, the Ichino River flows through the southeastern part of town and there are also over 200 irrigation ponds located throughout Namegawa. The town is bounded on the north by a fertile agricultural belt and on the south by residential neighborhoods and industrial complexes to the south. The population is 17,000. A broad expanse of clear blue sky and nature left untouched by human hands; these are the symbols of our goal, the preservation of "Namegawa, a town overflowing with love" where man and nature can coexist within a municipal environment that remains friendly to the environment.

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